Maia Master, Founder of Lech Lecha Center

Welcome to Lech Lecha Suites in Tzfat.

Our family has been in the hospitality business since 2008,wnen we open the Jewish kosher resort in Canada, called "Mishpacha". The Torah observant Jews from all streams could come together to build and strengthen their spiritual and physical health.

In 2017, we open a magnificent place in Israel, on the top of the Old City of Tzfat, at the base of historic Metzuda park.

We call our small Centre: Lech Lecha, which means in Hebrew: go to yourself, your best self!
In Tzfat, we have assembled a team of wonderful people, who managing our small hotel. 

We can help you to plan your visit: from accommodations, kosher catering, tours, hiking, pottery classes or Kabbala Torah code.

Looking forward to sharing our favorite city and our local talents with you.

Our mission is possible: to make your time in Tzfat the most enjoyable and meaningful, according to your budget and needs.



“Lech Lecha” - “Go for yourself”, meaning, divorce yourself from the immoral ways of the world, tap your inner resources, and discover your mission, your higher purpose in life. 


If necessary, be the lone voice standing up against the world, but stand steadfast in your commitment to Torah…   Do not compromise! 


Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis.